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ADHD Coaching

As someone who identifies as neurodivergent with ADHD, Sarah intimately knows how challenging life can be with this unique condition.

As a certified ADHD Works Coach, Sarah provides tailored one-on-one personalized ADHD coaching to those individuals that identify with having ADHD, who are passionate about learning strategies and proven techniques to manage their unique challenges, so you can focus on your unique talents.

Group HR Coaching

Great for any HR professional who wants to fast track their knowledge, and strategic capabilities by discussing current, real-time business challenges that you need to solve, tailored in a confidential, supportive, peer weekly group coaching sessions.

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Private HR Coaching


Great for business owners that don’t have a Director of HR but want to be a top employer and need some strategic HR advice and best practice guidance or for Solo HR practitioners leading the HR function and want the support of an experienced HR leader to help them up-level their programs.



Execute a key deliverable for your business in just one day! Spend the day with an HR expert to focus on what is important to you such as; Leadership training, HR Structure & Programs or Regulatory Compliance.

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