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Neurodiversity Programs


Building neurodiverse inclusive programs and supports, helping organizations implement supportive environments to attract and retain Neurodivergent talent. Thinking outside the norm and pushing boundaries for the better; it’s those organizations that have the power to change and influence our world that are leaders and continue to dominate their fields.


Culture Pro

Have a dedicated HR professional to develop programs specifically for your business that align and address your unique business needs.

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Pocket Pro

This monthly subscription, provides you with an HR professional in your pocket to help you navigate any real-time HR challenges you may face along with unlimited access to our HR library of forms and documents. 

Hot topics we help our clients navigate:

  • Performance Concerns

  • Recruitment Strategies

  • Employer provincial law responsibilities

  • Health & Safety

  • Termination package recommendations

  • Company Policies

Custom Solutions


Designed to support your team to complete any HR projects you may have; because sometimes you just need some extra hands to execute on those key delivery.

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Franchisee Employee Onboarding Program

Specifically designed for the franchisee business owner to ensure your employees have a great on-boarding experience. This simple program is easy to execute, so you can focus on your business!

This package includes two 30-minute franchisee support calls; an on-boarding call and an end of program success client call, with 15-days of email support after the conclusion of your program to ensure it is running smoothly.

This program Includes:

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employee On-boarding checklist

  • Employee file checklist

  • Provincial employee training requirements checklist & resources

  • Up to date employment contract template

  • Provincial Employer Employment Rules info sheet


Talent and Culture Branding Program

Employee engagement begins at first contact and can last long after an employee moves on to other organizations. At Eyes on HR we audit our client’s social media recruitment pipelines (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor), and help build them a brand that expands from recruitment into their whole corporate culture. We build the employer proposition (i.e. why are they great company to work for….) and tie it to everything they do, to be a top 100 employer!

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