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Attract and Retain Top Talent with Employee Benefits

As a business owner or Executive, you know that offering competitive employee benefits is essential to attract and retain top talent. However, traditional benefits plans often come with high costs, complexity, and limited flexibility. That's where Eyes on HR comes in to provide the perfect package of benefits to your employees.

Why Invest in Employee Benefits?

Investing in employee benefits is not just about supporting your team, it's about investing in your business's success, here's why:

  1. Tax Efficiency: Benefits offer unique tax advantages for both your company and your employees, making it a smart financial choice.

  2. Business Stability: A happy, healthy, and motivated workforce leads to better business outcomes and long-term stability.

  3. Cost Control: With Eyes on HR *Benefits, you have control over the benefits you offer, ensuring they are affordable and aligned with your budget.

Annual Check-up

By working with Eyes on HR and our preferred benefits partner, you can offer benefits that are easy to manage, simple to fund, and tailored to your company's unique needs.  Employee satisfaction and being market competitive is fundamental to the success of your company, and employee benefits can be a powerful tool to achieve that success.

With an Eyes on HR *Benefits preferred benefits plan, you'll provide your employees with a virtual wallet filled with benefits, giving them the freedom to choose what suits them best. Your company will benefit from  cost control, transparency, and the ability to invest in your team while optimizing tax efficiencies.

The Eyes on HR *Benefits Advantage

Simplicity: Traditional benefit plans can be confusing and time-consuming to set up. When you partner with Eyes on HR for your flexible benefits plan, our team can help you design your benefits program in minutes, not months.

Affordability: You determine the benefit maximums for your team, ensuring your plan is always within budget. Say goodbye to paying for benefits your team doesn't want or need… AND our benefits solution offers the LOWEST FEES in the Canadian benefits market!

Flexibility: Tailor your benefits program by choosing from five categories:

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts: Covering medical, dental, vision, and more.

  • Wellness Spending Accounts: Supporting wellness and development initiatives, like gym memberships, professional development courses, or personalized coaching.

  • Personal Insurance: Providing options like traditional health, travel, and life insurance.

  • RRSP: Helping employees save for their retirement with ease.

  • Charitable Giving: Facilitating donations to Canadian charities.

Customization: Empower employees to allocate benefits based on their needs. They can spend their allocated benefits on what matters most to them. Our benefits partner has an easy use App so employees can manage their benefits choices and claims from anywhere!

Industry-Leading Reporting: Enjoy complete oversight of your plan with our robust reporting tools and access to customizable payroll reports and track utilization effortlessly.

No Surprises at Renewal Time: With Eyes on HR *Benefits, you only pay for actual claims, eliminating unexpected renewal costs, and there is no obligation to leave a ‘float’ in your account, so your money stays invested with your business until a claim is approved.

Start Building Your Ideal Benefits Plan Today!

Let Eyes on HR to help you create a benefits plan that suits your business's unique needs. Invest in your employees, your business, and your future.

Get started in just a few minutes by booking a no-obligation call with us to determine if this benefits solution is the right fit for your business.

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